IMG Show is useful, beautiful and delicious

The closing gala ceremony of IMG Show 2018 will be held in Loft Hall, where the guests can discuss their impressions of the educational part in an informal atmosphere, try the cuisine and see the interiors of the amazing loft. A nice surprise of the evening is makeup by Estee Lauder.

We sincerely believe that business events should be not only useful, but also pleasant. Our partners and guests devote a considerable part of their life to work, and of course, we want our work to bring us joy. Therefore, we always try to create an atmosphere people are glad to find themselves in, to invite them to places we are willing to return to ourselves.

This year we discovered a new venue - Loft Hall in Leninskaya Sloboda street in Moscow. We liked absolutely everything here, starting from its location: "For the past few years Leninskaya Sloboda street where the Loft Hall is located has gained a look of an ultra fashionable quarter of a European capital - you notice it already on the way to the venue. The Loft Hall itself, I would say, is a concentrated continuation of this impression", chief customer officer of ABT-ACTE Russia Nikolay Tsaplin says. It is cozy inside: dimpled brick walls, large windows, a view of the river and a huge fireplace that will come in very useful on an October evening. The representatives of the Loft Hall mention in their materials that when they were developing their project, they took into account not only special aspects of Russian history and architecture, but also the needs of modern customers who "are tired of same-looking halls". "The main thing about any idea is what it may change in our conscience", the representatives of the company say. It was proved by personal experience that it was possible to achieve this goal - after visiting the Loft Hall, Nikolay changed his point of view on his own home interior: "It was evident that the owners did not save on a designer and exclusive hand-made furniture, and I would not refuse having some interior elements in my home, of course. One chest of drawers has sunk so deep into my mind, that I have started saving money to buy a similar one!", he admits.

The cuisine of the Loft Hall also helps you attain harmony with yourself and the world around you. We also believe that fancy canapes served on wooden plates, a duck salad with raspberry dressing, a pine bolete julienne in a bag of a crispy pancake and mussels with tomato concasse are the best way to enhance business relations between our partners, providers and customers.

And in order to make you feel very well, before dinner all the guests will have an opportunity to freshen their make-up with the help of Estee Lauder make-up designers.

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