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Participants of the end-of-the-year ABT-ACTE Russia educational session that was held on December 8 in Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya had an opportunity to share their achievements, speak about difficulties frankly, look into the future and even play a business trip game.


ABT-ACTE Russia has returned to Ekaterinburg with its educational session «Purchase in business travel». The conference was held on November 26, 2015 in Moskovskaya Gorka Hotel.


On the eve of the first International MICE Geography Show that was held in the Metropol on September 17-18 we interviewed exhibitors on their assessment of the present state of the meetings industry.


ABT-ACTE Russia announces enrolment to a new «Travel manager» course in February 2016. The educational program is focused at those who already have working experience in the business travel industry.


The success of business talks largely depends on their preparation. What is more, if a meeting is held on the sidelines of a larger event, organizers` responsibility grows considerably.


The offsite ABT-ACTE Russia conference «Purchases in business travel and MICE» was held on August 27 in Saint Petersburg in Grand Hotel Emerald.


The first International MICE Geography Show was held in the Metropol on September 17-18. Participants of the two-day event were 66 Russian and foreign exhibitors and about 200 MICE service buyers, including agency representatives, corporate buyers and 50 hosted buyers.


They all know each other, but do not recognize... The villain of the piece is the IMG Show! The MICE industry has never seen such a festival of sheens and dinner jackets before.


The first International MICЕ Geography Show is now at hand — it will take place in Moscow on September 17-18. The number of exhibitors willing to participate in the event is growing, and it includes quite a lot of travel offices of different countries.


«The corporate buyer and the travel agency can not come to an agreement at all: the customer thinks that online technologies will free him from contacting the TMC, but he is mistaken» — this was the main topic of ABT-ACTE Russia educational session «How technologies change the mechanisms of cooperation with providers» that was announced by Valeria Zakharova, sales manager of IT-provider Travelport. The meeting was held in Moscow hotel Savoy on June 25.

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