Business and Conference Hotel Attestation

The Russian Association of Business Travel (ABT-ACTE Russia), that unites purchase directors and travel managers of the largest Russian and foreign companies as well as companies focused on corporate business travel services, offers a Business and Conference Hotel Attestation program.

The purpose of the program is to help business travellers choose a hotel for their business trips and to help travel managers and the staff select a venue for corporate events.

Certified Hotels

The existing hotel classification system assesses the hotel’s amenities from an average tourist’s point of view. Specific needs of business travellers are often disregarded by hotels. High speed Internet access, a stable operation of mobile devices over the whole hotel territory, an ironing board and an iron in every room, English speaking staff willing to help in any routine or unusual situation are just a small part of requests that were not taken into account by the Russian and international hotel classification systems and that have now been taken as the basis for the Business and Conference Hotel Attestation program developed by ABT-ACTE Russia together with the largest Russian and foreign corporate buyers.

The inspection is carried out by independent experts who have working experience in business travel and hotel management (not less than 5 years) and who are not staff members of any hotel at the time of inspection. ABT-ACTE Russia often invites certified experts in the state system of hotel classification. It takes 2-4 hours to inspect a hotel depending on the number of rooms, conference halls, restaurants etc. In the course of inspection a check-list is filled in – a special form to check 345 criteria of a “business hotel” category and additional 55 criteria to certify a business and conference hotel.

A positive decision is taken if the hotel’s overall point number is not less than 75% of the reference point number (maximum possible number of points) after all data are processed.

If the hotel fails to qualify for the certificate after the number of points has been calculated by the inspector, the commission issues a written report with recommendations to reconcile the inconsistencies. After the second inspection (free of charge) the final decision regarding the hotel’s attestation is taken.

Attestation is a voluntary procedure for hotels and implies their willingness to expand the business travel segment and to comply with the requirements of this category of guests.

The Business and Conference Hotel Attestation program has been approved by the Moscow Committee on Tourism and Hotel Industry and by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Benefits for hotels

  • ABT`s official proof (ABT-ACTE Russia certificate) that the hotel’s service and quality level meets standards for business and conference hotels;
  • The right to use the program logo in all hotel’s promotional materials during the certificate validity period;
  • During attestation hotels get recommendations how to improve their services and quality;
  • Priority for corporate buyers who are ABT-ACTE Russia members when choosing hotels for business trips and events;
  • Information about certified hotels and an active link to the hotel’s homepage will be available on ABT-ACTE Russia site;
  • Marketing and PR-support in business and tourist press within ABT`s “Business Hotel Attestation” project;
  • Additional sales channels within ABT`s strategic partnership agreements with booking systems (,,, etc.), as well as AMADEUS and GALILEO global booking systems;      
  • Possibility to be represented in trade shows and events by ABT-ACTE Russia.  
  • An opportunity to participate in industry exhibitions in which ABT-ACTE Russia takes part;
  • Discounted participation in ABT-ACTE Russia Educational Sessions for hoteliers featuring the leading hotel industry professionals;
  • ABT-ACTE Russia partnership packages with a 50% discount.

Benefits for corporate buyers

  • Possibility to select the Travel Policy complying hotel among attested hotels;
  • Product and Quality of Service guarantee from an independent source;
  • Possibility to influence the exclusion of a hotel from the list of certified hotels if the level of product or service offered by the hotel does not meet the requirements. In case of a corporate client complaint, Association will initiate an additional inspection of the hotel to make sure the hotel meets the requirements;

  • An independent platform for resolution of disputes and conflict situations between corporate buyers and hotel management.

Recommendation letters