Work/travel balance: recruits are interesting the corporate travel policy before joining the company

We just had a person looking for employment at our company ask to see the corporate travel policy before they would consider joining the company. Yes, recruits are asking to see the travel policy alongside the vacation, retirement and health benefits policies during the interview process. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been in Chicago, Austin and Warsaw and heard from small and large companies alike that human resources departments are experiencing this request.

ACTE Research confirms this is happening around the world. We found, in our October 2017 research, conducted in conjunction with American Express Global Business Travel, that 33% of corporate travel buyers reported recruits are asking for the travel policy.

Is this happening to your company? Is it widespread? Is it just senior leadership candidates asking for the policy? Would you think that your travel policy would sway someone to join your company? Do your senior leaders think that the travel policy would influence someone to accept an offer of employment?

The above questions are being asked by travel buyers around the world. Some have answers, and some don’t. How can you get answers? The answer is simple – build bridges and get ahead of this one. Talk to your human resources department and talk about how recruits want to see the travel policy. How does your company’s travel policy compare to your competition who is going after the same talent? You don’t have to give first class and five-star hotel rooms to everyone. Rather you need a policy that represents your company, your culture and your industry. After meeting with your HR team then go to the senior leaders and make sure everyone is aligned on the travel policy and the reality of the impact of the policy of recruitment and retention.

Greeley Koch, ACTE Executive Director