Participants of Anniversary ACTE Forum in Moscow will take a leap into the future

Bright speakers, valuable knowledge, practical recommendations and a live discussion – all this is guaranteed to the participants of X Annual ACTE Moscow Executive Forum. The anniversary meeting of business travel industry experts is to take place in The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya on March 29 and will start from the overview of the most important events of 2017 and market growth prospects in Europe and Russia. The agenda of the day was compiled by the experts of ABT-ACTE Russia Council.

In the first part of the program, “From the past to the future”, Julia Manuilova, general director of City Travel will examine the basic definitions of managed business travel and the achievements of business travel agencies that are really valued by the customers. The expert will provide real case-studies explaining why bilateral integration of the customer`s internal systems with the online booking tool is really important. Then the delegates will get acquainted with curious and useful business travel applications.

Corporate buyers from the regions of Russia will be the participants of the discussion devoted to the topic “Airlines` tariff policy” for the first time ever. In particular, Ramil Nabiullin, head of security department of JSC Bashneftgeofizika will provide his arguments to air carriers.

Do the hoteliers need the corporate segment? If they do, why do customers face such difficulties as loading contractual tariffs into GDS? Anna Kuznetsova, an independent expert of the business travel industry will help the participants to puzzle out this issue.

What direct and indirect benefits do the customers and the TMC get from the hotel program? Is the Last Room Availability condition really crucial? What booking channel (GDS, OBT, OTA websites) is the most demanded? And what is the cost of distribution channels? What bonuses does the hotel get from working with the corporate customer and the consolidator? Do the corporate rates of the companies contradict to guest loyalty programs? And what is the portrait of an ideal corporate buyer? The answers to these and other questions will be given during the “battle” between the hoteliers and the customers.

What do we know about the special features of flat lease or apart-hotels in Russia? The “PRO” section will be devoted to possible accommodation options for business travellers on long-term business trips.

The second part of the program will end with the talk about statistics and smart data, because they are the key to cost cutting and, consequently, to the boss`s heart! ACTE Forum participants will discuss data collection and representation methods.

The final part of the program will be devoted to the issues of stable business growth. Experts will share their experience in holding green events and environment-friendly business trips. Five practical recommendations will be provided by Julia Krivopustova, the founder of the internet website and Organic Woman Club.

By the way, the special menu of the forum that meets the green event concept was developed by Stanislav Polessky, the chef of St. Regis. At the end of the meeting the delegates will get five practical advise on how to cope with stress and will learn about the wrong way to “sell” yourself to the customer.

Participation in ACTE Moscow Executive Forum is free of charge for corporate buyers, but the organizer`s confirmation is obligatory. In order to register for the conference you should send your application to Service providers may contact