MICE on a short leash: 5 trends of the year 2019

The economic and political situation in our country imposes restrictions and creates trends in all the business areas. And the MICE industry is one of the first to experience budget cuts and tough competition. 2019 will predictably be the year of mergers and acquisitions. Those who want to stay afloat will be forced to look for new formats, offer unique (really unique, in deed, and not in name) products and use achievements of the modern science and technologies. Experts of the Russian Association of Business Travel (ABT-ACTE Russia) are in the centre of MICE events themselves. This is why we are sure that the crisis is the time for growth and development. It will be the main engine of the industry in the new year.

Determination of key business areas that bring profit

Economy must be economical. In the conditions of low budgets, unstable exchange rates it is especially evident that corporate events should bring tangible benefits. Such events include presentations, educational seminars and conferences. Well, team buildings as maximum. Besides, extremely motivating ones. Here the next trend comes from.

Creativity in the conditions of low budgets

This year's trend that has been tried and loved by many is filling a serious event with entertaining content, use of unusual formats, for example, immersive shows and quests, when guests become real event participants and can forget about their positions. In general, creativity is an indispensable thing in the conditions of limited budgets and stiff requirements in a competitive environment. After all, the customer pays not for the logistics, but for the idea and its realization. This is why even serious occasions should have a bright event coating with a large number of digital options and multimedia formats. Interactive swings, eco bicycles, jet cats, immersion into another reality - there is a wide choice. And you should not even be afraid of overdoing it - entertainment is in great demand in the times of tough deadlines and steeplechase.

Increase in service quality and efficiency

No matter how sad it may seem, but there are still huge complaints about the service level in our country. In particular, it is one of the main reasons why foreign coasts are still dearer to corporate event planners. But the crisis is more a plus in this situation - the leaders will be those who will be able to offer European quality of service and informational support. By the way, here the key role will belong to visual presentations and detailed reports that let the customer see all the “goodies” and benefits he can get from an event.

Consolidation of business and state

As early as last May the Government of Russia adopted the Program on “The development of incoming and outgoing travel in the Russian Federation for 2019-2025”. A lot was said both on the sidelines and from the upper tier about a complex approach that was necessary in this situation: the business will develop destinations and the state - render all types of support. Or at least will not make obstacles. There is a big chance for success, taking into consideration that the National Congress Bureau has finally appeared in Russia and similar structures have started working in the regions. The companies that have already become members of or are going to join the National Congress Bureau and regional bureaus will have a considerable competitive advantage.

Making the best of World Cup 2018 achievements

We will never stop talking about the World Football Championship. At least, till the next similar event. The more that it will take us a lot of time to utilize The World Cup heritage - for example, to learn to use numerous sport facilities, new hotels and restaurants. One of these days electronic entrance visas to Russia are going to be introduced (definitely - for the participants of large international congresses). Experts say, it is a matter of several months, the main thing is to choose the right format, for example, like the fan ID. More and more attention is paid to event safety. Finally, travel police departments have appeared in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan. Special trainings on venue safety have been launched for event planners. And it is the evident proof of the market becoming more civilized.

MICE trends of the new year increase the role of highly qualified experts in event planning. It is important both in the context of creativity, and in the context of safety. So hurry up to use the right moment to improve your qualification. And of course, come to ABT-ACTE Russia events, and we will teach you to do it!