Cosmonaut Aleksander Misurkin will be the headliner of IMG Show 2019 conference

An educational conference with the participation of well-known Russian and foreign speakers is an inherent part of IMG Show. Every year we suggest our guests discuss such topics as the latest trends of MICE industry, new services, venues, WOW-effects and ways of industry development.

We are preparing a really cosmic program specially for this anniversary event, and one of its headliners will be Aleksander Misurkin, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation. Aleksander will share his experience in the field of teambuilding, reveal several professional secrets of working in stress situations and will speak about cosmic opportunities for MICE events.

"In order to fulfill the flight program to the maximum, or, if we use the earth-bound language, to achieve maximum success, you should not work alone, and not even with colleagues / staff, you should be part of a team. At the moment, apart from my professional training, I am engaged in my own project on my native land - Orlovshina, and due to my experience in space flights I am convinced that I do not need employees in this projects, I need team-mates!", Aleksander Misurkin says.

Discussions and lectures of the educational conference "One more conference on MICE" will be held on October 25 at the novelty of the season - the hall Grammy on the territory of Double Space. Industry experts will discuss the latest MICE trends, speak about cross-cultural communications and other topics.

We would like to remind you that you need to have badges of the participants of October 24 workshop to be admitted to the conference. Let's meet! Discover! Practice! And we will help you to do it.