Camp fires in the dark night

When we were planning IMG Show 2020, it occurred to us that event planners usually had too few good occasions to have a rest with benefit. With benefit not only for work, but also for personal growth. So here is our new unique project - STAR MICE CAMP!


Every month we will hold out-of-office trainings for MICE customers in unusual locations far away from Moscow. The main aim is to expand the participants` expertise in the field of people management, use of technologies, as well as the search of new ideas and methods of content development.

The events will be held for groups of 10 to 20 people for one or two nights. Our venues are only exclusive locations, so the participants will always remember their MICE CAMP. On the first evening we will get acquainted and discuss burning issues of the industry. The second day will be devoted to a training on the declared topic. In the case of a two-night extended program, the schedule for the second evening will be announced additionally.

“MICE CAMP means communication, acquaintance with interesting MICE venues, as well as valuable knowledge and skills”, Irina Mikhalkova, project ideologist, executive director of ABT-ACTE Russia said. “We will also give all the participants personal “MICE-STAR” sweatshirts as a present, as well as a chance to go to a MICE CAMP abroad, which will be announced additionally!”

We have planned the nearest STAR MICE CAMP in a stunning place! On April 16-18 we will relax and study in Skornyakovo-Arkhangelskoye country estate, which is located on the bank of Don, among forests and fields of Lipetsk region.

For centuries this country estate has hosted different guests: famous noblemen and local landlords, governors and merchants, doctors and gouvernantes. The hosts were the representatives of famous dynasties: Skornyakovs-Pisarevs, Chernyshevs, Mouravievs, Chertkovs, Shidlovskys. Nowadays it is an interesting venue for leisure and events for small groups.


Only corporate buyers and partners of the project may participate in the field events. To join the group, you need to fill in a small questionnaire and get the organizers' confirmation. Please note that due to the fact that the number of participants is limited, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee confirmation of all the candidates, but we will do our best to offer you an alternative. In particular, after every event you will be able to take part in an online quizz, so that later, during IMG Show on October 29, you will be able to compete for a place in the group of the best and to go to a foreign MICE CAMP for winners.

You can find out more about the program of the nearest MICE CAMP, participation terms and registration on our website. Read about new getaways that will be held from May to October in the next issues of ABT-ACTE Russia newsletter.