BBT Summer fest: triumph of beauty and grace

Buying Business Travel magazine held its party in Moscow on June 26. The company arranged a really beautiful holiday to celebrate its fifth anniversary. ABT-ACTE Russia joins congratulations!

Summer fest was stylish, beautiful, cheerful. It was held on the terrace of Shyolk Art Quarter on Savvinskaya Embankment - it is a modern and fashionable venue with a spacious terrace that was used by the organizers in the most efficient way: you could both communicate, and get acquainted with all the event partners, and dance, and talk in an informal atmosphere.

First of all, already in the yard of Shyolk you notice that exceptionally gorgeous people are gathering for the party: very stylish, wearing summer fashion. Those who are acquainted, are glad to see each other, those who are not – make the acquaintance. Everyone is smiling. Of course, it is something that strikes you on an ordinary routine working day. Shyolk venue is beautiful itself: there is a lot of air, but there is also a cover from rain. Marble and metal structures look light and elegant combined with glass: it is a rare type of interior where nothing disturbs, distracts you, but every element adds its highlight.

Summer fest was very colourful: the blossoming ABT-ACTE Russia tree that fulfils wishes, flower bracelets by The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, a master class in silk scarf painting by Tyoply Veter company and Interstate Hotels & Resorts, bright and exotic cocktails by Azimut Smolenskaya Moscow, dance classes by GallaDance studio. A unique atmosphere when you want to try everything. And it is absolutely incomprehensible, how you lived before, when you did not know what a great pleasure it is to paint a silk fabric with bright colours. And in fact, why do you not know what hotel Movenpick hotel chain launched in Africa not long ago? This knowledge suddenly turns out to be very important, because a voucher for a stay in sunlit Jordan is at stake.

The organizers managed to create this unusual atmosphere of friendliness, when you understand that every guest is really welcome here. ABT-ACTE Russia congratulates Buying Business Travel on this anniversary, too. It is a pleasure both to work and to have a holiday with you! We are glad we have such colleagues, friends and partners!