ABT-ACTE Russia News


The meetings industry has survived a lot for the past few years - it was either washed ashore to the island of “cost-cutting” by the waves of the crisis, or was pulled out to the sea under the sails of...


The attention focus of a travel purchase expert is usually shifted towards formal procedures. And here you can see two extremes: either this task is managed by people who do not have a clear idea of their...


The third annual IMG Show traditionally organized by ABT-ACTE Russia will be held on October 25-26.


Nowadays corporate travel executives are focused not on purchase efficiency, but on the traveller`s satisfaction during his business trip and his compliance with the travel program.


The educational ACTE conference devoted to modern hotel programs will be held in Poland on March 28.


There is no ideal travel policy – it needs to be corrected almost every day, and you cannot avoid this process, is the opinion of Maria Sergeeva, head of global business travel department of Luxoft.


The “Travel management” educational program organized by ABT-ACTE Russia has come to an end.


The seminar for personal assistants arranged by ABT-ACTE Russia was held on January 24. Highly qualified experts shared their practical experience with 37 participants of the educational event.


What do companies give their partners as New Year presents? Sweets and champagne, as usual. However, ABT-ACTE Russia decided to break from this tradition and made presents with their own hands!


The expiring 2016 has been the year of travel budget optimization and tough control for Elena Lobanova, head of protocol and business support department of Uralkali.