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An educational conference with the participation of well-known Russian and foreign speakers is an inherent part of IMG Show. Every year we suggest our guests discuss such topics as the latest trends of...


Sales director of the hotel Givi Bitsadze tells us about the real Georgian hospitality, how to build the best hotel team and where in Tbilisi you can drive right into the conference hall. Interviewed ...


Inspired by the news on Sberbank`s launch of a special online service for business trip planning, experts of the Russian Association of Business Travel have raised the question - for whom such tools may...


Oh, khinkali, walnut sauce, Mukuzani, Narikala fortress and Rustaveli Avenue... These names have been warming the cockles of our hearts for the whole year! It`s time to return to the legendary capital...


Travel industry experts speak about the advantages of electronic visas and online pitfalls awaiting tourists


Everyone has heard of the New Year, the Old New Year and even of the Chinese New Year. And we would like to invite you to the opening of the New Business Travel Year!


Consistency is the sign of masterhood. And the ability to follow trends at the same time is top class. The year is only about to start, but we already know what events await us, and you, of course: these...


As the Cheshire Cat said, “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"


The economic and political situation in our country imposes restrictions and creates trends in all the business areas.


ABT-ACTE Russia starts registration for the XI annual ACTE Moscow Executive Forum that will be held on March 28, 2019. Traditionally, we are going to meet spring together with the representatives of the...