Social networks in travel-manager’s work. To be or not to be? Opinion of Maria Saikina, JSC Alfa Strakhovanie

Maria Saikina, travel manager in JSC Alfa Strakhovanie is speaking about the advantages of marketing buzz, educational sessions and about the fact why travel managers say «No» to social networks.

Despite the fact that social networks have become one of the main sources of information for the past few years, I do not use them in my work.

The main reason is simple and banal: access to social networks is blocked in our company. But even if they were available, I do not think they were worth working with. Hotels and carriers use social networks for the purposes of advertisement mainly, because they are the way to remind everyone about your existence, as well as to provide additional information on discounts, special offers, corporate programs; they also provide an opportunity to directly communicate with prospective and current customers by answering their questions and reviews.

But we, as most corporate buyers of travel services, cooperate with travel companies directly, we get all the information about discounts and sales from them, and in a concise form, which is more important. As for reviews, the most valuable ones are written by our colleagues or come from the sites and

The information that is presented in social networks is targeted at individual travellers first of all. You can find corporate offers on companies` sites, educational sessions and work-shops. It is quite probable, that if we can find unique information in social networks that may be interesting for business travellers, it will be the reason to use them in our work.