Independent expert opinion: «Social networks are a new and a vague area for Russian hotels»

Is it so important to have an account in social networks? How much are professional services? When is the X-hour and when is it high time to explore the great spaces of facebook? A representative of a large hotel, who wished to remain anonymous, shared his opinion with us.

— Is it necessary to have an account in social networks?

— There is a certain expert opinion stating that the importance of presence in social networks is greatly exaggerated.

— Who is responsible for page management in a social network?

— A marketing department (or an expert in this field) or a company specialized in Internet marketing are responsible for promotion.

— What are the average costs of promotion in social networks if it is done by a Digital agency?

— Prices may vary from 30 to 200 thousand roubles per month. But who can authoritatively define the cost of this service and what factors does it depend on? This question has no definite answer.

— When is it time for hotel management to start thinking about their own page?

— If there are enough events in the hotel to write about regularly, it is the first step to conquer the Digital Olympus.