Personal assistants upgraded their skills

The seminar for personal assistants arranged by ABT-ACTE Russia was held on January 24. Highly qualified experts shared their practical experience with 37 participants of the educational event.

What is the best way to establish communication with your bosses and colleagues? What can you do if your boss is in a bad mood? What rule should you be guided by when your boss is not right? Nadezhda Malysheva, assistant of Senior Vice President of EURAZ answered these and other questions. Anastasia German, head of contact administration of Vympel-Expert shared her practical advice on how to become an ideal assistant. Important personal resources the development of which can increase your working efficiency, in her opinion, are physical, social, emotional, mental and intellectual qualities. They include a healthy lifestyle, religion, dreams, friendship and useful acquaintances, books, music, foreign languages and personal growth.

The speech of Aleksander Eliseenko, a teacher, an expert in organizational development of the Higher School of Economics aroused special interest of the audience. He spoke about emotional intellect, the effect this resource can give you, and brought examples of exercises used to develop it.

Alla Stash, assistant of finance and economy department of Kaspersky Lab, apart from recommendations on data confidentiality drew everyone`s attention to personal publications in social networks. “If you have decided to post a photo of your new manicure, make sure your fingers are not on a document that should be kept far from prying eyes.”, Alla gave her advice.

One of the main job duties of a personal assistant is coordination of his or her boss`s meetings, and sometimes arrangement of business events together with an event department or a specialized agency. In the opinion of Pavel Soldatkin, sales director of MaxiMICE, the key trend of the season is last minute events, a format with reduced time for project approval and arrangement. Pavel examined all the pros and contras of tight deadlines, compared them with a standard arrangement schedule and offered several case studies.

Several similar seminars are planned for this year. Please, follow the news of the Association and its event schedule.