Olga Dokhnovskaya, Kaspersky Lab: The Greens have everything ahead

Olga Dokhnovskaya, travel sourcing manager of Kaspersky Lab is speaking about corporate traditions of environmental friendliness and about the fact why large companies do not hurry to place their stake on eco hotels.

More and more hotels all over the world join the so called «green policy», cut consumption of energy, water, chemical substances, decrease the amount of waste and recycle it. Such hotels try to meet high ecological standards, are notable for their responsible business approach and actively contribute to environmental protection on the local and, consequently, the global level.

As it is a socially responsible company, Kaspersky Lab also supports green initiatives. The company pays great attention to environmental protection and tries to minimize harmful consequences of its activity for the environment.

For example, we have water taps with motion sensors in our office, that let us save a considerable amount of water. There are movement detectors that turn on the light in the rooms. In the open office space there are light sensors that reduce artificial lighting on a bright sunny day. All this lets us considerably reduce the amount of energy needed. We have not forgotten about the huge harm inflicted to nature by batteries that are not properly utilized. Kaspersky Lab staff collect them and take to special recycling points.

As it is a large consumer of business travel services, Kaspersky Lab pays attention to the fact whether the hotel it chooses follows the green policy. But unfortunately we can not be guided solely by this criterion, when we look for accommodation. Business travellers consider it very important for the hotel to be situated not far from an exhibition centre or a meeting venue, and price compliance to the travel policy is a significant criterion for our company as well.

So, at the moment we have to admit that green hotels lose out to their non-eco-friendly competitors by a complex of factors. But we sincerely hope that the situation will change in the future.

Interviewed by Sofya Dukorskaya