Ludmila Klimkovich, Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya: «A page in social networks is a standard for the contemporary hotel market»

Ludmila Klimkovich, reception manager in Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya, shares her experience in communication between a hotel and travellers in popular social networks.

Obviously, Internet and social networks are part of people’s daily life. Now almost everyone irrespective of his age and gender has his own page in social networks, so the reach of such sites is very large. Social networks are not only a platform for communication, they also provide new opportunities for advertisement and goods and service promotion.

The online community includes not only all the people interested, employees, frequent customers, but also helps promote goods. The company’s page allows it to be in the limelight and to make sales by means of advertising and with the help of various marketing technologies. Apart from their sites, many companies have their own pages in social networks like Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter and others, and it is common for the contemporary promotion market. So you should not lag behind your competitors.

As for Saint Petersburg and Russia in general, I think that Vkontakte is a more popular site, than Facebook. Our hotel has its pages in both of them, although. I will tell you about our experience in this field.

It is very important to update your page regularly, and not just to create it and to fill in the main fields. Full and up-to-date information is very important. The page visitor should be able to find all the necessary information easily — room descriptions, photos, prices, restaurant menu, information on extra services, direct links to the site and contacts. As the hotel business is part of the travel industry, it would be appropriate to publish travel news, information on art and culture events, bright and interesting photos.

Cronwell Inn Stremyannaya takes active part in various contests and gets awards and diplomas. We are proud of our achievements, so we always make a short review of the event accompanied by its photo. All this has a positive impact on the hotel’s reputation.

Many companies organize various contests in order to attract maximum attention to their group. Sometimes the only thing you have to do is to repost the news item. We are also having a contest at the moment, and the prize is two invitation tickets to a historic interactive theatre show. The task is to join our group and to make a repost of the contest on your page. We then randomly choose the winner and hand in the tickets.

We started our promotion in social networks not long ago, so we have not achieved the desired result yet, but the number of our group members is growing, people often address us their questions on booking through social networks.

We plan to conduct photo contests, for example English style photos, as Cronwell is an English brand. The more complicated the contest conditions are, the more valuable the prize is. It may be a hotel accommodation package, including a romantic dinner in our Favorite restaurant, and it may be something else. So join our group and participate as well! (

Our plans are great. For example, to organize a community of travel fans, or lovers of Saint Petersburg, or lovers of real quality in the hospitality industry, and also to unite our guests with the help of groups. That is why we add links to our pages in social networks using logo buttons in letters that our hotel staff send our guests and colleagues every day. You can find links to our groups on our official site.