«We save our clients` time and money» — this is how Maverik Lufthansa City Center agency formulates the main advantages of cooperation with it, briefly and to the point.

Our tourists feel long-standing and deep affection to France for fascinating strolls around the Elysian Fields, breathtaking views from the Eiffel Tower, insightful tours to Louver and Notre-Dame Cathedral, delicious cuisine and excellent shopping opportunities. France, however, is less popular as a business trip destination, which is unfortunate, as the country offers excellent work environment. Inessa Korotkova, Russia and CIS Director, Atout France, gives an account of MICE development in France.


Each year, business tourists expand their travel geography. Not so many countries locates, for example, in Africa, Asia, Middle East or Latin America, can boast their economic and political stability, well-developed healthcare or low crime rates. This, many companies view travel risk management is an indispensable part of their work aimed at ensuring the maximum available safety for their employees making business trips. Oleg Koninin, Marketing and Sales Director, International SOS, Russia, shares the specifics of doing business in this sector.


In January 2012 an important event for the Russian business took place in Moscow, the first public virtual telepresence room was opened. It is a part of a global network of Public Telepresence. It is easier to solve business problems, because it doesn’t depend on borders, distances or fares for air travel: the system allowsto be at any time in London, New York or Singapore, and communicate with colleagues and partners with a full sense of the personal presence of a round table. The Russian Association of Business Travel correspondent talked about this service with Roman Mornev, CTO BizKomm. The meeting took place in Moscow’s business center «Monarch» in the Public Telepresence room.

— BizKommhas become the first company to introduce on the Russian market the renting of the Public Telepresence room. Tell us about the communication technology. What is its innovation and benefits compared with standard video conference?

— We’re not just the first, we are the only company in Russia that provides Public Telepresence service. However, it is wrong to call it only technology. Everything you see in this room: equipment, lamps, wall color, shape and size of the table and chairs, screens, — makes complete and deliberate decision for the business. Each element is designed so that people could come and without any problems communicate with those who are on the other side of the screen as if they are actually in the same room. You sit at the table and look at the screen on the back of which — absolutely the same prepared room with lighting and sound equipment. In our experience, 10-15 minutes of communication are enough so that participants could really delved into this atmosphere and really feel that they are sitting at a table with their interlocutors, whether they are in London, Singapore and elsewhere. This is the main idea of the solution — the creation of a virtual roundtable.

Many people ask us why to solve business problems is not enough to use Skype or standard video conferencing system. We have expected such question, opening a room in St. Petersburg. We held a large press conference, including journalists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other cities, and asked them to start conversations on Skype. After 10 minutes the conversation with the «talking heads» was stopped, because of unnatural atmosphere. But when you Telepresence, you completely forget about technology. The effect of the presence of so great that at the first meeting, most participants are trying to shake hands with their virtual interlocutors on the other side of the screen!

Of course, all the solutions are useful and good for their own purpose. Let’s leave Skype for domestic purposes — communication with our mothers and friends. But for the board of directors, the presentation of a new product, a global financial report we need another level of the solution. So we need a personal contact «eye to eye», so head makes a decision — to go on a trip or not to waste time and money but meet virtually using our service.


Abu Dhabi’s history is more like a fairy tale: it took only several decades to turn into real heaven a strip of land along the Persian Gulf coast that was literally twitched from the ruthless desert.


One of the most famous hotels of the waning years of the Soviet era — The Central House of Tourist, which was built for the 1980 Olympic Games — has been given a new life lately.


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The country attracts tourists from all over the world due to its mild climate, peculiar cuisine, great shopping facilities and the famous art of massage, of course. Thailand’s MICE and business tourism facilities are highlighted by Viktor Spisak, general manager in Sayama Travel Group, ABT’s new partner.


ABT’s new partner, Lufthansa, is one of European aviation market leaders: more than 4 million air passengers monthly, 187 destinations in 79 countries, about 13000 flights weekly, 390 airplanes and 95,000 employees.


According to Nelly Mavrina, HR-director of the Moscow hotel «The Garden Ring», one of the main components of a successful hotel is an ability to create a cozy atmosphere.


In 2013 one of the largest companies in Russian and international hotel industry, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. became ABT partner. At the moment more than 1200 hotels and resorts in 100 countries on all continents are run under the Starwood brand. Commitment to traditions and service of the highest grade allow the company to hold its leading positions on the luxury travel market for many decades. Anna Kolebaeva, Business Development director in Russia and CIS, speaks about Starwood’s success, the company’s exclusive brands, loyalty programs and special services for business travellers.