ABT-ACTE Russia Saint-Petersburg Business Travel Forum

23 august – 24 august 2018

Venue: St. Petersburg

August, 23*

Welcome cocktail for acquaintance of participants

Time: 18:00 - 21.00
Venue: So / Sofitel Saint Petersburg

18:30 - 21:00          Coctail, networking, nice music, wine casino, hotel inspection, and 

                                Lottery with a prize of 2 tickets from Hainan Airlines

Additional registration is required

August, 24**

Venue: Courtyard by Marriott St Petersburg Center West Pushkin Hotel

09:00 - 09:30           Registration and welcome  


Intellectual  Art-workout. 

Aleksey Pashkov, creator of courses in history of the art, author of guides on St. Petersburg and city museums

We'll become detectives and try to solve the riddles and mysteries left by great artists. 


Block 1.  

Moderator: Elizaveta Panfilova, Editor of Buying Business Travel

Declaration of independence

Dmitry Shamin, Director of Nexta

Obstacles for independent OBT

What are the real limitations which don't let OBT to become truly independent?


Panel discussion. Is there the future of independent online booking tool?

Andrey Zubkov, General manager of Starliner

Anatoly Kurymov, General director of Raketa.travel

Nina Kopylova, Head of protocol-visa department of Sportmaster

Oksana Afanasyeva, Head of business travel department of Gazpromneft

Irina Kostykova, Head of the Business Travel procurement group

Are the agencies ready to work using independent online booking tool?

How do the communications change with arrival of the 3-d party: Client - OBT - agency?

Industry Transformation

Yulia Manuilova, CEO CITY TRAVEL

What is the most valuable for the client. The necessity of mutual integration of internal systems of the client with OBT as compulsory part of modern managed travel process.

Real cases.


Looking at the world through the eyes of frequent flying passengers


What do business travellers think about aviation infrastructure?

The results of Biletix survey



Coffee break


Block 2

Room A - Tolstoy Hall

Moderator - Filipp Lukyanenko, General Director of HRG Russia


1. Traditional RFP VS Dynamic.

Elena Chernobai, Business travel manager of "Cherkizovo Group"

Kristina Razumovskaya, Sales manager of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy Moscow

Are you still thinking of improving an RFP? Maybe it is better to get a discount for BAR?


2. Payment solutions. Launch of V-pyment.

Irina Kostyukova, Head of procurement group, Kaspersky Lab JSC

Case study. Implementation stages.

What tasks do the virtual payment tools help to solve?

The peculiarities of V-payment in Russian companies.

The results achieved 1,5 years after launch.

3. NDC: what is it?

Dmitry Maryin, Director of strategic development of UNIFEST Travel

Konstantin Lutoshkin, Regional director of UNIFEST Travel St Petersburg

As the result of BBT Russia survey the half of the corporate buyers admitted, that they understand the distribution system NDC vaguely.

Let's look into this topic together.


Room B (Zhukovsky Hall)

Moderator - Julia Selivanova, Head of educational programmes, ABT-ACTE Russia

1. Case study. How to combine requirements and regulations of 223 Federal Law and 44 Federal Law with best practices of privately own companies?

Tatyana Parahina, Head of business travel department, Bank Otkrytie

How to create qualitative criteria in Technical Task and avoid subjective assessment?

Optimal balance between monetary and non-monetary criteria.


2. Panel discussion. FIFA. Let's sum up?

Moderator - Nikolay Tsaplin, Sales director of ABT-ACTE Russia

Olga Savina, Senior sales manager of AZIMUT Hotels Moscow

Irina Eroshevich, Sales director of Cosmos Group

Maria Cheblakova, Sales director of SO/ Sofitel St. Petersburg

Was everyone ready for a challenge?

Experience of clients and suppliers.


3. Digital transformation in events

Taisia Seledkova, Marketing and communication director of Paroc

What has changed with the advance of the digital era? What new channels do organizers use to attract customers? 




Block 3. 

Moderator - Irina Mikhal'kova, Executive Director of ABT-ACTE Russia

Trends in transfer services in airports

Dmitry Saraykin, Development director of I'way


Do we really need mobile applications at the events?

Roman Kruchenik, Head of sales department of Eventicious

How to integrate the application to the event and get value?

What attracts participants besides the main features - notifications before and during the event?


Security during the events

Evgeniy Matushenko, Rescuer, organizer of different "Security School"

Who takes the responsibility for security during the event? How can you check the venue and suppliers? What documents can you request? Security services at the event.


Sustainable development in MICE.

Lidia Rakcheeva, Manager of eco-projects, Expert of "Green Driver" platform, coordinator of the project Give a Tree, organizer of eco-projects, coordinator of eco movement "No.More.Garbage"

How to make a first step towards a green event or more ecological Corporate Travel? 

What steps are possible in transport and avia segments of business travel?

Drawing a prize of tickets to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines

To take part in the drawing of tickets to Istanbul you need to take part in the survey by answering several questions about business trips preferences.The survey will take place on 24th of August during the business part of the event.


Additional registration is required. Participation only for corporate customers and conference partners

** The program is subject to change

Participation is free for corporate buyers of business travel. Please apply to events@abt-acte.ru

If you want to become a speaker or partner, or you would like to offer questions to the moderator, we will be glad to give you such an opportunity, please, contact us +7 (495) 660-77-83 or  send us an e-mail events@abt-acte.ru

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